Join Me In The Effort 2 Make 1000 Globes

Earth GlobeThere is growing concern over the rapid influx of plastics settling in the oceans’ gyres, affecting wildlife and potentially polluting human fish consumption. While the task seems daunting, there must be a way to clean up the vast soup of plastics as they degrade, break apart and sift to the bottoms of the oceans. This project is meant to raise consciousness in the general population, as well as raise funds for organizations working toward cleaning this pollution from the oceans.

To address these concerns, I am proposing to facilitate the creation of 1,000 topographical globes on ostrich shells in public art spaces throughout NYC, thereby drawing attention to the issue. The public would be invited to co-create a pile of the globes as they are completed underneath a banner of the ikon of the Earth Mother (image enclosed) and the Manifesto described in the attached story. The artist would lead workshops teaching the skills necessary to those interested in participating.

A first level workshop would teach topographical painting/drawing on eggshell to learn technique. The intention is to teach egg talisman making through painting a globe = in the making of the earth on an egg we place our intention into making a new earth. If those attending were inspired to continue, they would attend a second level workshop and paint an ostrich shell that would become part of the growing installation. By participating in this art making, the public would participate in a process of intentional consciousness raising through their time, energy and actions making art with intention. In so doing, these participants become ambassadors for this project and the desire of raising awareness regarding plastics pollution in the oceans.

As the workshops passed the pile of completed ostrich shells would grow. Those interested in donating would offer $1,000 per globe. Half the funds raised would be designated for organizations working toward cleaning plastics from the oceans’ gyres, one quarter of the proceeds would support material costs for running the project (rent, publicity, art materials), while the remaining proceeds would support life of the person who made that globe. To create 1,000 topographical globes, the artist would be facilitating workshops in as many arts, religious, ecological organizations that would support this effort for the span of a year or two. Once the project is completed, the globes would be sent to those who donated for that globe. Each globe would be numbered and tracked as to it’s maker’s name.

Earth Mother


In November 2009, I awoke from a dream = a vision of the Ikon of “Our Lady of the Sign”, a classic Byzantine ikon of Our Lady with hands outstretched praying, but with the globe as I had painted on an egg in her womb, not the young Jesus usually seen in the halo with her midsection. With this vision came the command to clean the plastics from the oceans’ gyres, a phenomenon I had recently read about while surfing the web.

This image has haunted me since. That winter I published a postcard & stickers that I gave to friends that matched this vision with the words of the Manifesto found in 1990. I had photographed the Ikon while visiting L’viw, Ukraine with my mother in June, 2009. My friend Bob Sink matched the Globe, photographed by Kim Hanson in 1996, and added the starry sky.

Since Spring, 2010 I have been itinerant, a period of inner quest after a period of personal tumult in my life. During this past October I spent visiting my mother in Norwich, CT. She happens to live across the street from the Royal Burial Grounds of the local Mohegans. On the night of Samhain I went there to pray for guidance where to settle. While retrieving tobacco to offer the spirits of the dead, I pulled out four stickers of this ikon I had created & was given another vision = a new job and where to settle!