Thank you for your interest in purchasing my work!

To make inquiries or to initiate your purchase, please email me using the contact form below, describing which piece(s) you desire. If you are seeking a piece from a series (skulls, globes, etc.) please clarify the quantity and size of eggs you desire. Because of the nature of any hand-wrought piece of art, each piece from a series will be unique (i.e. be slightly varied from the next).

Please also inform me of your intended method of payment; I accept payments of cash, money orders, checks and/or credit cards through PayPal. A deposit of 50% is required to initiate all custom orders; the balance (plus preferred shipping costs) is due before your order can be shipped. Please allow 2-4 weeks on all orders. Cancellation fees apply. Order early around the holidays! Commissions and custom designs are gladly accepted.