Born in New Haven, CT, February 13, 1961, NYC resident since 1998.
1989    MA, philosophy, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
1984    BA, philosophy, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Under the Sea, Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC, March/April
2014 When My World Fell Apart, Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC, April
2005 egglandia, Go Fish Gallery, NYC, March/April
2004  THE SKULL PROJECT, St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery, NYC, October-November; public art ritual commemorating everyone killed in Iraq through making skulls eggs.
            Photography, The Schoolhouse Center, Provincetown, MA, September
2002 New Erotica, The Schoolhouse Center, Provincetown, MA, July/August
            Journeys, Gallery Ariodante, New Orleans, LA, April
2001 Messengers, Alabaster, San Francisco, CA, November
           In Spirit, The Schoolhouse Center, Provincetown, MA, July-August
2000 Images of Buddha, Alabaster, San Francisco, CA, December
            Eggshell Mosaics, The Schoolhouse, Provincetown, MA, August/September
            Mardi Gras, Gallery Ariodante, New Orleans, LA, February-March
1998  Attica Erotica, Alabaster, San Francisco, CA, April
            New Orleans All-Around, Gallery Ariodante, March
1997  Flushing Beauty, Walker’s Wonders, Provincetown, MA, July-September; bathroom installation with floating (in toilet) ostrich shell, torn & mixed media.
            The Art of Pysanky, Gallery Ariodante, March
1996  The Eggman: New Works, The Artful Hand, Boston, MA, May
            Glorifying the Egg, Gallery Ariodante, New Orleans, LA, March
1995  Attica Erotica Series, Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena, SF, CA July-October
            Provincetown All-Around, The Collections Gallery, Provincetown, MA, September

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014  The BIG EGG Hunt, New York City public sculpture exhibition, April
            EGG-Zibit: The Art, Science and Culture of Eggs, Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, January-April; five pieces represented in the Culture section.
2013  Art and Craft: Made in Provincetown, Provincetown Art Association & Museum, May-June, Cape Swirl batiked Ostrich Shell, curated by James Bakker.
2011  Extraordinary Materials, Shore Galleries, Provincetown, MA, September, Hal Katzen, curator.
2010  Small Works,  Julie Heller East Gallery, Provincetown, MA, April-May.
2009  Clowns, Freaks & Amputees, Antebellum Gallery, Hollywood, CA, Blue BINKY, painted, framed, 16″x 20″ clown image, Rick Castro, curator.
2007  small works, 80 Washington Square East Galleries (WSEG-NYU), New York University, New York, NY, February- March, Unwanted, painted/gilded Ostrich shell, Jim Kempner, juror.
2006  Thanks: Returning the Favor, apexart, New York, NY, November-January, 2007, Children’s Globe, pencil sketched ostrich shell.
            Modern Heretics, Antebellum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, October-December, egg erotica shown with fantasy art photography, Rick Castro, curator.
            American 7, WORKS/San Jose, San Jose, CA, August-September, Laughing all the Way to the Bank, eggshells & mixed media, David Duckworth, Fanny Retsek, Sandra Starkey Simon, curators.
            Erotic Art Show, The Kinsey Institute, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN, April-June, EROS KAOS, eggshell collage, Betsy Stirratt, curator.
             The Studio Visit, Exit/Art, New York, NY, January-March; egglandia window studio installation, Papo Colo & Jeanette Ingberman, curators.
            small works,  80 Washington Square East Galleries (WSEG-NYU), February-March, Going Under, painted Ostrich shell, Jack Shainman, juror.
2005  The Folk Show, The Erotic Museum, Hollywood, CA, August-November; IO PAN, etched Emu shell.
            small works, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, July-August; Globalization & THINK PINK selected.
2004   Dollhouses in the Dollhaus, Dollhaus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September-October; Skully’s at Home, nested skull eggs in birdcage installation.
Terrorvision, Exit/Art, New York, NY, May-July; 21 Skull Salute, 21 skull eggs in a bowl, Papo Colo & Jeanette Ingberman, curators.
            small works,  WSEG-NYU, New York, NY, January-March, Globalization, goose and chicken shell collage, Molly Barnes, juror.
2003  Local Talent/Small Works, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAHC); Brooklyn, NY, December; 21 Skull Salute, installation of 21 skull eggs in bowl on marble slab on a pedestal. James Pinney, curator.
            Group Show, The Schoolhouse Center, Provincetown, MA, August-Septmeber; 2 installations of skull eggs, Michael Carroll, curator.
2002 Local Talent/Small Works, WAHC, Brooklyn, NY, December, 2 Buddha eggs and eggshell mosaic.
            small works, (WSEG-NYU), February-March, Eleven’s #2, Barbara Millstein, juror.
2001  And Lo! The Old Gods! Leslie-Loman Art Museum , New York, NY, April 3 – June 2, IW PAN series, Charles Leslie, curator
2000  Reflections of Myself, All Out Arts Festival, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, NY, May, Self- Portrait, Arthur Burns, curator.
1999  small works, WSEG-NYU, January-March, Attic-black ostrich shell, Hercules Labor #13, Ronald Feldman, curator.
1998   Group Show, The Schoolhouse Center, Provincetown, MA, June, Attic-black ostrich hanging  Beach Chum, Michael Carroll, curator
            Members Juried, Provincetown Art Association & Museum (PAAM), Provincetown, MA, January-March, Batiked rhea shell,     Rhythm, Aristides Logothetis, curator
1997  Assisted Ready-Made, The Folk Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD, June-August, Attic-black figure triptych Man & Nature, on rhea shells.
            Multi-Cultural Exhibition, The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT, December-January 1997, Joseph P. Gualtieri, curator
1996  20/20: Emerging Artists, PAAM, Provincetown, MA, July, A Prayer: God bring back the cod, batiked ostrich shell, Lee Musselman, curator.
            The Eggman: Exotic Eggs, Clark Art Gallery, S.E. Louisiana University, March.
1994  Glitter, Gold & Myrrh, Leslie-Loman Gallery, New York, NY, June-July, Attic-black figure series Pan-Athanaic Vases.
            Crafts National 28, Zoller Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, June-July, Attic-black and geometric series goose shells.

Publications & Media

Craft Magazine, #2, Winter 2007,  Eggcentric Art, by Susan Brackney.
The New York Times, February 24, 2006, The Studio Visit: Exit Art, by Roberta Smith
The Village Voice, May 7, 2004, Getting Personal, Political and Very Idiosyncratic at Exit Art, by Jane Harris
The Wall Street Journal, 1/2/2003 & 1/2/2004 editions, year-end global market report illustration.
Decorative Eggs; Exquisite Designs with Wax and Dye. Jane Pollak, Sterling Lark Books, 1996.
WOMR Works in Progress, radio interview with Diana Fabbris, Provincetown, MA, aired 9/15/95.
Squid MagazineThe Eggman Cometh, Fall 1994.